Going Home

by Meredith and Win Blevins

Two New York Times bestselling authors take you on the ultimate spiritual and romantic adventure. Would you be willing to give up your notion of ‘what’s possible’ to be with your beloved who has crossed over? GOING HOME is an exquisite story, often humorous, about the power of love over death, the foolishness of time, and a family restored.

The spirit of Mark Twain arrives, bearing miracles and wisdom for a grieving man, bestselling writer Lewis Evans. Twain asks him to toss everything he believes aside to make a new life, and possibly see his wife again. Will Lewis take the leap?

“Win and Meredith are a super-fun couple and fine writers!” ~ Clive Cussler

Readers who enjoy Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist) and Nicolas Sparks (The Notebook) will enjoy GOING HOME.

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Category: Paranormal Romance