Going Deep

by Mia Ford

I had this girl caught on my line, and sure, she was going to give me a hard time.

I’m an undercover cop & a bad boy at heart
Getting down and dirty is what I do
Women love to get under the covers with me
Especially when they know what I’m packing in my jeans…

I’m all set to take down the South Side Gang
I’ve got Richie Silvestri in my sights
All I gotta do is wait, watch, listen, then make my move
It should be just another day in the life of Detective Danny O’Shea

But then she comes: Hannah, Richie’s little sister
She’s the finest piece of ass I’ve ever seen
She is smoking hot with a mouth to watch
All I now think is burying myself between her thighs

But Hannah is a tough nut to crack
It’s going to take more than my bad boy charm to get those legs spread
But I’ll keep working her, cause that’s what I do

And once I taste her, the whole South Side will explode into flames

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Category: Contemporary Romance