Full Load

by Piper King


I don’t want just any woman wrapped around my c*ck.

Only one. Annie Jackson, the sweet girl-next-door who broke my heart and got the h*ll out of dodge the first chance she got. She never even knew I had a f*cking ring in my pocket.

Now she’s back in town and looking sexier than ever.

If I’m not careful, she’ll end up back in my bed. And in my heart.


Five years ago, I left the love of my life. I had a good reason, but I’ve never been able to move on with another guy. No one compares to Axel Lee, the trucker with a heart just as big as his c*ck.

When my sister needs my help back home, it only takes moments to come face-to-face with my past—a tattooed, muscled, hot-as-sin past.

He hates me now. I can see it in his eyes.

But I want nothing more than to show him that five years hasn’t erased the way I feel. If I climb inside his truck, will he end up breaking my wounded heart again?

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Category: Contemporary Romance