Filthy Cowboy

by Amy Brent

I swear, Luke Daniels is as stubborn as a mule and hung like a horse. He spends his time drinking whiskey, riding bulls, and sleeping with every horny woman in west Texas. I gave him my virginity and my heart when I was just a girl. Now, it’s payback time…

I haven’t seen Luke in six years. He was my first lover, my first love, and the first boy to break my heart. But he had his dreams and I had mine, so I was fine with never ever seeing him again.

Okay, that’s a lie. I’ve missed him every day – and every night – for six years. I long to have him back in my life. And back in my bed. And back between my legs.

Then he’s almost killed by a bull and I’m sent to bring him home. The old spark instantly ignites. All I can think about is riding him like a bucking bronco, like I used to, even though he’s stitched up like a baseball and not supposed to do anything strenuous.

The question is, now that we’re back together, will Luke come to his senses and stay with me? Or will the lure of the rodeo once again tear him from my arms?

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Category: Contemporary Romance