by Sansa Rayne

I shouldn’t fall for Aldous Occestem. He antagonizes the local megachurch; he owns a satanic-themed BDSM club; and now he’s a suspect in my friend’s abduction. He should repulse me, but I can’t resist how he ignites my intense hunger for submission.
Our relationship started as a cover for my investigation, but now I’m addicted. Even if he’s not the kidnapper, his one-man war with the powerful Pastor Jones is a powder keg ready to explode, and I’ll be caught in the crossfire.
I should get out, but the deeper I dig into his life, the more I need him in mine. Something sinister is happening and Aldous is at its center. I won’t stop until I know the truth, even if it makes me the target of an unspeakable evil…

“Exalted” is an edgy, engrossing dark romance from the author of “Erased”

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Category: BDSM