Dragon Planet

by Rhea Walker

Crash landing on an alien planet was definitely not on the itinerary.

We’re surrounded by exploding volcanoes, killer predators, and wild alien barbarians who want to take us hostage and use us like cattle.

My only hope is a smoking-hot alpha with brilliant eyes and giant claws who claims me as his treasured one. He’s powerful, possessive, and willing to fight anyone who messes with his mate.

He’s a shifter named Targon. He’s a Dragon Lord.

My knees wobble and my head spins whenever his fiery eyes are upon me. His touch lights a fire in my heart like I’ve never felt before.

But there’s danger at every turn, and the other dragons want to repopulate their planet… using my body.

This Full-Length Romance Novel contains exotic alien locales, nonstop action, and steamy scenes between a seductively hot dragon shifter and a BBW from Earth.

There are No Cliffhangers and you’re guaranteed a Happily Ever After!

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Paranormal Romance