Doctor’s Fake Fiancée

by Charlize Starr

I’m the best gynecologist in the world. My job is to look women in the… eyes. Deep.
If you’re not on my booty call list, you want to be.
But my lawyer says I need a wife. Or I’ll lose my daughter.
And there she is. My new neighbor. The most innocent sweet geek.
I watch her through my window. She wants to play. With me.
So I make her a deal.
She has one condition. She wants to wait until the wedding night. Cause she’s a virgin.
Game on, baby.

I’ve always had a crush on him. He gave me my first kiss. My brother’s best friend.
But I’m all grown up now. He doesn’t even recognize me.
He proposes me the most disgusting deal in the world. One million if I marry him.
Another million for a baby.
But I have no choice. I need the money to re-build my chemistry lab.
He drives me insane with his devastatingly hot abs.
And now I’m stuck in the same bedroom with him. For three days. All alone.

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Category: Contemporary Romance