Cocked and Loaded

by Annette Fields

Get in line, sweetheart. I’m Reagan Sells and I’m loaded in more ways than one.
I built my real estate empire from nothing but blood, sweat, tears and Scotch.
Now I’m too big to fall and from what most women tell me, almost too big to handle.
Cloverville is my next target. It’s the perfect setting for my new development project.
If I were the settling down type, it’d be a good place to raise a family.
Too bad that’s not my style.
Not even the sassy, curvy farmer girl can lasso me down, although I wouldn’t mind a roll in the hay.
She’s raising hell about my new buildings going up near her land, and that sexy attitude’s got my pants rising too.
I’m sure she and I can come to an agreement. I always succeed at scoring deals.
But first I need to make her put away that shotgun she’s aiming right at me.

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Category: Contemporary Romance