Against the Wall

by Mia Benjamin

Mel: Maybe hooking up with some random guy isn’t the greatest idea Mel ever had. But she just lost her job, and now she has to spend a week with her family—plus some old friend of her dad’s that she hasn’t seen in fifteen years. A girl needs a little stress relief, and the silver fox she picks up at the cabana bar is just what the doctor ordered.

Dex: After fifteen years married to the most miserable woman God ever put on this earth, Dex has earned the right to a little fun, and the blonde who picks him up at the cabana bar is all that and more. She’s a little young, but it’s a one-shot deal. He’ll take her for a quick spin, then head over to spend the week with his oldest friend and his family. He hasn’t seen them in fifteen years. Should be interesting.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance