6 Mountain Brothers for Christmas

by Rye Hart

A late-night game of tipsy Truth or Dare takes a naughty turn, and before I know it, I’ve dared them all to do what I’ve secretly always wanted!

They were rough. Rugged. And ridiculously sexy.
My HOT next-door neighbors.

The Trent boys were my best friends.
Football games were always fun.
Body to body contact.
With them, I always liked it rough.
But, that’s where it stopped.
Because they were the Lost Boys.
And I was their Tinkerbell.

Now, I’m home for Christmas.
And something is different.
Maybe it’s the way the way their eyes examine my body.

I must be imagining it, right?
How can all six brothers want me?

One night, they want to play a naughty game of truth or dare.
Six untamed mountain men.
One unassuming girl.
A cabin in the middle of the woods.

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Category: Contemporary Romance